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Galvanic Infotech specializes in producing Micro controller chip based solutions for homes and business. The main objective of the company is to provide leading solutions in the system utilities field to end-user customers, small or mid-sized companies and large enterprises. Software development to meet particular customer requirement is the main business concern of Galvanic Infotech. The company has a skilled team of developers, capable of coping with every software and hardware task.

Galvanic has experience in designing and manufacturing of embedded technology computer based software. Galvanic has in-house R & D team for hardware and software solutions. Galvanic provides any customized solutions for embedded and computer based software.

Why Choose Us?
Our Mission

Galvanic Infotech is committed to pace with the growing Software needs of global economy. Its mission is to create high quality, intuitive and powerful software for all sectors including home, small and large industries. Galvanic Infotech values diligence, creativity and innovation. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction Galvanic Infotech provides multiple levels of support, availability and prompt responsiveness.

How Galvanic achieve its mission:
  • Fulfill customer requirement
  • Study the market demand
  • Efficient cost of products
  • Technically skilled team
  • Timely delivery of the products
  • Provides web & embedded based solutions
Why Choose Us?
Our Practice

More than 17 years of performance in providing the customized solutions for embedded and computer based software to our esteemed customers, the Galvanic Infotech has become a well known and highly professional company in the professional market. It has successful met all warranted requirements of its esteemed customers with latest technology of global market. The development department of Galvanic Infotech investigates and writes further technologies for next version of a introduced product. Its sales and marketing department make the customers informative about current product improvements. It is a regular feature in Galvanic Infotech and it is a continuous process.

Compitency & Consistency

High professionalism of our qualified and skilled employees is supported with the collective knowledge based on modern technologies being used; the unique management and communication within the company. As a result, we are able to provide complete development of new technologies and custom development to our esteemed customers.

Galvanic Infotech

Galvanic Infotech an ISO (9001:2008) certified company previously known as Pacific Enterprises established and started functioning in 2003 in Noida in the state of Utter Pradesh, India.

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